“I wanted to say a huge Thank You for the totally fabulous mural – which is just wonderful and has brightened up the playground immeasurably.

We have had so many positive comments about it, from Governors, parents, children, staff, visitors etc. It has had an enormous impact. You are a talented and dynamic duo”.

Amanda Letch, Head Teacher, Thomson House School, Mortlake

“I would like to thank you so much for your hard work and sheer skill with the art work in the library. It was so impressive how you took a vague yet challenging instruction from us and turned into a masterpiece”.

David Colenso, Deputy Head Teacher, Heathfield School, Whitton

“At Kew Riverside Primary School, our experience of working with Collaboration has been a wholly positive one. Following a brief meeting, it was clear that Serena and Helen totally understood what we were looking for. They had done their research on the school, its ethos and its culture. 

Collaboration were thoroughly organised in their approach.  Their advanced preparation of all resources lead to a smooth operation on the day with minimal disruption.  Their creative design completely transformed our school lobby area into a truly welcoming space.  We would recommend Collaboration highly!”

Darren Norman, Head Teacher at Kew Riverside Primary School

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